Nursing Older People

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Annual emergency admissions figures for people with dementia in England have risen by 100,000 since 2012-13

People with dementia face multiple emergency admissions every year

乐动体育滚球Alzheimer’s Society says annual emergency admissions rise in England cost NHS £280 million

NMC building plaque

NMC suspends nurse for failing to give CPR to care home resident

Nahid Nasiri knew a Do Not Attempt Resuscitation order was not in place

The governemnt has pleddged up to £8,000 in grants for nursing students in hard-to-recruit disciplines

Student grants: who will and won’t get the full £8,000 for hard-to-recruit disciplines

Only some learning disability and mental health nursing students eligible for extra £3,000

Egg Machine with Steam

Brisk breakfast: machine makes scrambled eggs for patients in 15 seconds

乐动体育滚球Trial of device at Nottingham hospital whips up a positive response

Health secretary Matt Hancock speaks from podium

Health secretary Hancock raises smiles over how ‘50,000 more nurses’ pledge is viewed

乐动体育滚球Minister was speaking at launch of Florence Nightingale Foundation academy

Image of sepsis

Sepsis now a bigger killer than cancer, study suggests

Analysis of global data reveals 11 million sepsis-related deaths in 2017

Evidence and Practice

How should I discuss not attempting CPR with people who have dementia?

Discuss the wishes of people with dementia proactively due to its progression

Osteoporosis and fragility fractures: risk assessment, management and prevention

Osteoporosis and fragility fractures: risk assessment, management and prevention

Nurses need to be aware of the risk factors and identify at-risk patients

Advanced nurse practitioners can lead comprehensive geriatric assessment in acute hospitals

ANPs can lead comprehensive geriatric assessment in acute hospitals

Exploring the role of the ANP in identifying frailty and leading CGA for older people

Older lady hydration

Strategies to prevent dehydration in older people with dementia: a literature review

There is a significant evidence base supporting a range of strategies to improve hydration

What is an older husband’s experience of caring for his wife who has dementia?

What is an older husband’s experience of caring for his wife who has dementia?

In this review, nursing implications are addressed and guidance proposed to offer support

Picture shows a care home supervisor talking to a resident. Healthcare professionals can help meet the needs of older people approaching the end of life by asking the right questions.

Surprise questions that can improve end of life care

Older people approaching the end of life can be helped by asking the right questions


Picture shows nurses Angela Chick and Ahlam Wynne with their oral hygiene kits, which have transformed mouth care practice in their trust,  Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Nurses transform mouth care with oral hygiene plan

Two nurses devised single-use oral hygiene kit that hangs on patients’ bedsides

Image shows RCN community lead for end of life care Carolyn Doyle

New community and end of life lead wants to challenge RCN’s elitist image

乐动体育滚球Carolyn Doyle wants to be accessible to all nurses, champion and support them

Picture of RCNi Nurse Award 2019 winner Lindsay Rees

Could it be you? Entries now open for the RCNi Nurse Awards 2020

Nominate yourself or a colleague for this prestigious nursing award in 2020

Picture of members of a nurse-led digital health service who use a video link to triage older people in care and nursing homes, avoiding unnecessary admissions to the emergency department.

Nurses use video link to keep older people out of hospital

Link enables nurses to triage people in care and nursing homes, reducing hospital admissions


Help older patients by tackling overprescribing

Polypharmacy puts many older people at risk of serious side effects

Dementia Carers' Support Service carers and volunteers

Volunteers are transforming the care of people with dementia

乐动体育滚球The Dementia Carers’ Support Service helps carers draw on the experience of volunteers


SAlly Kitchin and colleagues collecting the 2019 momentslifetime.commitment to Carers Award

Improving the health and well-being of unpaid carers – initiatives with impact

How Commitment to Carers award nominees have shared their work and inspired others

Malnutrition and older people

Why unexpected weight loss in older people should not be ignored

Nurses need to debunk the myths about weight and appetite in older age

Stop blaming nurses for malnutrition in older people

Focus instead on the widespread myths in the community about healthy eating


A nurse sits talking to a nursing home resident as he undertakes a craft activity

Dementia at the end of life: why every nursing student needs to learn about it

An Admiral Nurse explains how she uses hospice placements to deepen students’ understanding

The students are asked ‘questions that are often challenging’

How teaching children about dementia helps you become a better communicator

Innovative resource helps nursing students improve children’s awareness of the condition

A 'This is me' form and an elderly male patient in the background

‘This is me’ document helped me provide personalised end of life care

A student reflects on building a nurse-patient relationship with a hospice patient


Nursing associates in training

I’m proud to be training as a nursing associate – and let me tell you why

Misunderstood role is no mere stepping stone – it has a distinctive place in the nursing team

Kellie Owen

A passion for collaboration

Kellie Owen, winner of the 2019 Richard Tompkins Nurse Development Scholarship, on influencing the culture of care homes

‘Don’t be too focused on the task at hand’

Admiral Nurse Sarah Oakwood on her ‘musts’ for working with older people