Nursing Children and Young People

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Picture shows a child sleeping. Scientists say a blood molecule could be used in a test to show if children get enough sleep or are susceptible to certain health conditions.

Blood test could show if children get enough sleep

乐动体育滚球Researchers say test could also show if children are susceptible to certain health conditions

Picture shows a teenage girl sitting across a table across from a physician. The NHS rejects a think tank’s claim that more than one in four children and young people referred to specialist mental health services are rejected for treatment.

NHS England dismisses study claiming 26% of referrals to CAMHS are rejected

The NHS says think tank’s claims are flawed and based on wrong assumptions

Picture shows a young female in a consultation with a GP. Half of teens referred to mental health services by GPs are turned away due to strict eligibility criteria, a survey shows.

54% of children aged 11-18 turned away by CAMHS, say GPs

UK children turned away from mental health services due to strict eligibility criteria

Picture shows a premature baby asleep in an incubator. New guidelines for nurses examine the stark decisions that arise when caring for extremely premature babies.

Neonatal nursing: new guidelines on caring for very premature babies

BAPM guidelines outline the stark decisions that may arise when caring for extremely...

Applications invited for new children's nursing research awards

Two awards on offer for a children's nurse and nursing student to present their research

My Daddy is a Nurse, by Butterfly Books, challenges gender stereotypes about nursing

My Daddy is a Nurse: the children’s book challenging gender stereotypes

乐动体育滚球Nursing Now campaign and chief nurse work with publisher to tackle profession’s gender divide

Evidence and Practice

Medication checks

A process for supporting children’s nurses after medication errors

Report on a quality improvement project aimed at improving the process of supporting nurses

Exploring support systems for nurses involved with safeguarding children

Exploring support systems for nurses involved with safeguarding children

乐动体育滚球Study found that safeguarding children work can have significant emotional effects on nurses

Parents’ perceptions of the transition of their child who is ventilator dependent from hospital to home

Perceptions of transition from hospital to home of a child who is ventilator dependent

乐动体育滚球Families can provide skilled, competent care at home to their children with support

Nurses’ underuse of non-pharmacological pain relief interventions in preterm infants

Nurses’ underuse of non-pharmacological pain relief interventions in preterm infants

乐动体育滚球Literature review identified factors contributing to nurses’ underuse of such pain relief

Family members’ perceptions of a Singing Medicine project in a children’s hospital

Family members’ perceptions of a Singing Medicine project in a children’s hospital

乐动体育滚球Children spending prolonged periods in hospital need to play and express themselves

Enhancing the care of children and young people with mental health issues

Enhancing the care of children and young people with mental health issues

乐动体育滚球Children’s nurses require education and training in mental health to provide optimal care


Picture shows RCNi Awards 2019 Child health category winner Joanna Broderick (left) with a mother holding a baby and following the oxygen weaning guideline she developed.

The RCNi Nurse Awards 2020 can help put you and your specialty in the spotlight

2019's Child health category winner wants to inspire others to be innovative

Healthcare assistant Lisa Morgan in a ward at Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne. She has improved the care of children facing cardiac surgery through a training package for care and support staff and other initiatives.

How a healthcare assistant made the operating theatre a less scary place for children

Award-winner Lisa Morgan's innovations help to ease the anxieties of children

Picture shows specialist transition nurse Giselle Padmore-Payne with patient Benjamin Tshibangu in a BBC London interview

Charity helps children’s transition to adult services

Specialist nurses funded by the Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity are helping to care for children with long-term conditions and smooth their transition to adult services

Broderick and Oram

Nurse develops community oxygen-weaning guideline for neonates with chronic lung disease

Joanna Broderick’s award-winning work has improved safety and enhanced patient autonomy

Putting wheezy children on a pathway to better health

Nurses in North London have cut the number of children re-admitted with breathing problems

Sports charity uses social prescribing to help young people

A charity is using social prescribing to support vulnerable young people in the community


Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale

Nursing leadership: 2020 can be a showcase for nursing at its best

Should we take inspiration from the great nurses of the past?

Picture shows a young male with pectus excavatum, in which the chest sinks inwards. Specialist nurse Cheryl Honeyman says the end of funding for surgery on chest deformities in young people is wrong and calls for more research

Halt to funding for chest deformity surgery is a cruel blow

Specialist children's nurse says ending funding is wrong without further research

Illustration depicts a child discovering he has wet the bed. Davina Richardson, a children’s specialist nurse at the charity Bladder & Bowel UK, writes about the importance of commissioning integrated children’s continence services.

The case for integrated children’s continence services

Why children’s continence services should be integrated and community-based


MMR vaccine

Is it time to make MMR vaccination compulsory?

Nurses need to counteract the anti-vaccination movement’s propaganda


Parents are the real professionals when it comes to their children

Good communication is vital in assessing paediatric early warning systems


Your first presentation: a nursing student’s guide to speaking at conferences

How presenting can help you develop critical thinking skills, plus tips for preparing


Odds on favourite: my new career as a nurse at the British Racing School

Nurse Sharon Mott took on a challenge in agreeing to create a role where she is responsible for the health and well-being of young would-be jockeys and grooms at a horse racing school

Picture shows a group of young people engaged in friendly conversation. Senior research nurse Heather Rostron examined the attitudes of investigators who recruit children and young people as advisers for research projects.

Patient involvement in research: ensuring their true voice is heard

Involving children and young people in healthcare research presents challenges for nurses